Monday, February 22, 2010

Guest Blog: What makes a solid logo - by Amber Mabe

Note: If you haven't heard of Amber Mabe, you have probably seen one of her logos. Amber designs some of the strongest logos available on Etsy - you'd be wise to check out her shop. I asked Amber to write about what makes a great logo because she so clearly understands how to design logos that build a brand. I've included some of her logos throughout this article. - Laura

Etsy is an amazing place where I both work and shop. As a graphic artist, I get lots of requests for custom shop designs and especially logos. This is an excellent illustration of how brands are everywhere you look, whether they are corporate businesses or small businesses. Most importantly, they are at the heart of every industry. Whatever you're selling - yourself, your art, your products, your services - having a strong brand image is absolutely imperative to success.

I am often asked "What's the difference between a brand and a logo?" A logo is the visual representation of your brand, essentially your brand image. It is the icon that a potential customer sees and hopefully will remember. Logo design is a service that is being sold all over the web, and I've seen some really well designed pieces, as well as some logos that do a disservice to the brand they're representing. To spot a solid logo, consider these crucial points:
• It is memorable and immediately recognizable.
• It would reproduce accurately in black and white, or when scaled down to an inch or less.
• It is original, and not just a piece of clip-art paired with some text.
• Is it pertinent to the service/product that it's representing.
• It is visually appealing and not overly complicated.
• It is NOT a an actual photograph.
• Most of all, it is simple. Simplicity in logo design is a key factor. It's safe to say that in logo design, less IS more.

Your logo does not need extravagant effects like embossing, drop shadows, glitter or shine effects, or anything of that nature. When working with a designer, be sure to remember this information as well as to make sure your artist designs in vector format. Vector enables you to scale your logo to any size you need, without losing the clarity and crisp appearance of lines and details.

Brands are designed and created to engage people. If your brand is not embraced by your audience, it will not succeed. Whether you're selling on Etsy or in a physical shop, having a strong logo will help to build brand equity and ensure long term success.


  1. I've seen Amber's shop before. She does very nice work. I'm often impressed at how she comes up with some of these designs.


  2. I recently worked with Amber and she came up with a logo that I'm in love with. She's top notch!

    - Courtney
    My Sunset Road

  3. Thanks for this great recommendation. Her shop is awesome. I'm hoping to get a logo kit as soon as it fits into my budget. :)

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