Monday, February 1, 2010

Media Monday: Reaching your target market through advertising

Over the weekend, I posted a blog called "Introductions." It got pushed to the bottom - please read it, introduce yourself, and see my administrator notes.

From our previous posts, we've talked about putting a face on your target market. Today we are going to imagine what it is like to walk through a day-in-the-life of the consumer in your target audience. On some scratch paper, take a minute and answer the following questions about yourself:

  • What newspapers and magazines do you read each week? Do you read them online or in print?

  • What TV shows do you watch each day? Do you DVR them? Do you watch them online?

  • What radio stations do you listen to? Do you listen online or in the car?

  • Do you take a bus/car/subway to work/school/errands?

  • What shops do you attend each week? (i.e. grocery store, bookstore, craft shop etc.)

You should have a substantial list of media outlets that you interact with on a daily basis. Now, think of the advertising you have seen in each of those media outlets. There should be print ads, online banner ads, TV commercials, radio commercials and announcements, and outdoor ads (billboards, bus stops, subway tunnels), and in-store promotions like "buy one, get one free." Each of these ads is an attempt for an advertiser to reach you with a message about their product or brand.

Do the same exercise for your target market, only this time, be the brand. Think of how many ways you can reach your audience throughout their day. A tool to help you envision life in your audience's shoes is Prizm, an online market segmentation tool provided by Nielsen. It will give you pre-set market descriptions and an idea of your target's lifestyle. If you take time to think through a day in the life of a customer in your target audience, you will have a better feel for where to spend your advertising dollar.

Note on Prizm: You may have to re-enter the security code to view every market segment. If you get kicked to the home page, click on "You are where you live" to link to the zip code tool.

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